About Me

Why am I doing this?
Because getting over someone you love, moving on from a relationship you really valued and getting on with your life after it has ended was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.
Its such a dark, lonely, painful time and i would never want to know someone is going through that alone. If you are going through this- I want to be there for you.

What is the message I want to give someone who comes in contact with me?

– that they can get through this.
– that they will get through this
– no matter how dark and impossible it seems
– they will get through this & I am here, willing and wanting to do everything in my power to help them believe that and make it possible.

What do I want them to take away?
– a realisation and awareness that their is a way through this
– that the pain will go away and there will be a time when they wont they will actually feel happy again- (as an alien concept as that seems right now- its my job to help you believe that and support you to make it possible)

What do I believe?
I believe in a 4 pillar framework that

What I want people to go away with?
– a framework of how to get over a breakup

the message of the book is:
– there a 4 pillars of getting over a serious breakup
i call this the “4 pillar model of happiness after a breakup”

What do people get when they work with me:
– a safe space to vent, offload, process, be heard,
– empathy, understanding & emotional support
– awareness & understanding & perspective of what they are going through & their situation
– encouragement, hope, unconditional support that they can do this, they can get through this
– renewed belief, confidence, determination to find a way through each day and to rebuild a new fulfilling future better than what has passed

thats what I do..