Breakup Advice Key MESSAGE theme:

Breaking up with someone you love is hard.

Really painful process.

But decpite what you beleive right now.

But you can get over it.

You will get over it

You can live with out them

You can be happy with out them

And there will be a time when you will feel exactly that.

You will be living that.

In the mean time there are some things you can do to help yourself
through this and I’m going to help you do that,
and those things are centered around:
1) loving yourself & letting others love you right now- be supported
2) accepting the situation for what it is,
its not going to chnage
he’s not going to chnage
its not going to work
theres no happy future to a relationship thats broken down this far and the other person doesnt want to work at it
You have no choice but to accept that & let go
stop holding on
stop hoping
stop trying
stop wishing
stop wanting
stop longing
stop loving
stop caring
put it in your past, an expereince you had
and find a way to move on (from the hurtful & pain, loss and sorrow)
rebuild your life and create a new future
3) take time to heal the emotional wounds
– forgive yourself
– forgive them
– find wisdom
– take the learnings
– see that it was a learning expeince- all experiences are

4) get back to engaging in & building a fulfilling life for yourself.