How to Work Through The Anger I feel Towards My Ex?

Your relationship has ended and you are developing feelings of anger and hatred due to that.

Anger is a normal emotion that happens every time things do not turn out the way you would have liked them to be. Your relationship has not lasted a life time which you would have expected and that is creating all the anger in you.

The only method to work through the anger is to find ways to release it, dissolve it or channel it. Anger can become very harmful and destructive if left unexpressed and affect your future relationships. The key is to find ways to deal with your anger without taking it out on your ex! That would just lead to too many other problems!

Scream your anger out

Screaming it out loud is a very effective technique but should be done when you are lonely. Drive to a deserted or secluded place, close the windows of your car and scream and cry aloud. Say whatever you want to say to your ex, abuse him, insult him, and curse him. This will release all your negative energy and you will feel relieved and better.

Do some imagination and visualization

Imagine and visualize taking out all your anger on your ex. Do a detailed visualization of everything you would have done with your ex to take revenge of this insult and pain. Do this repeatedly to release all your anger. You will feel you anger getting tapered off gradually. You will feel a similar sense of ease as you would have felt if done this in reality.

Write down your feelings

Write down all that you feel for your ex, on a piece of paper, but do not post it or send it to him. Just write down all the anger simmering inside you for him, abuse him, insult him; write everything that you wanted to tell him, that how he has hurt you, how you want to take revenge from him etc. After writing your feelings you will feel relaxed and calm. Burn or shred the piece and you will feel your anger going away.

Hit it to get your repressed anger out

Hitting a punching bag, visualizing that you are actually hitting your ex can be a great way to control and release your anger. Scream his name every time you hit the punching bag; say all the bad things you wanted to say him and feel your anger going away gradually.

Take part in some sports

Anger is the energy that is trapped inside you and the moment you do any activity which releases this energy, may be in some other form, you will be released of the tension and feel calm and relaxed. Getting involved in some type of sports can play an important role in controlling your anger. You will find a way to vent out your trapped energy by using your body in some vigorous activity. Even if you have not been involved in any type of sports till now, this can be the best time to start.

Write a diary

Sometimes writing down your feelings in a diary also helps a great deal and can relieve you of the burden of a break-up.

In the end if nothing works out it is best to get some professional help. A psychologist will not only act as a person with whom you can share your feelings, but also guide you on how to deal with your anger..