Which is Better After A Break up –Breaking Contact or Staying Friends?

Coming to terms with the fact that the relationship is over is the first step towards successful recovery from the grief or relationship break up.

This will be (at least in the short term) extremely hard if you still keep contact with them.  After a break up both parties desire to start a new life, to dream a fresh. To facilitate this both of you would desire to not see each other at least in the eve of the break up. The new journey would best be walked by each person his or her way.

A break up is not what you envision while in a relationship rather each party many a times looks forward to a wedding date, a happy marriage, the children you will have and of course a happy life together till death do you part. For this reason you are so emotionally attached to one another. Needless to say you can almost not envision a life without the other partner. Then comes the bombshell that tears the inseparable apart, the emotional and physical strain you experience is by no means small. In fact to the point that it is almost as if life comes to a standstill in some instances.

Scientific studies reveal that the reaction of the brain to break up and the way it reacts to physical pain is the same. This implies that to the human being physical pain and break are translated the same. In other words to the brain relationship break up is a “physical pain “. And every time you expose yourself to triggers of pain you are torturing yourself more and more.

Trying to be friends in the short term will only add to reminding you of what you have lost and that’s going to hurt. You need time & space to heal..